LaTeX to Maple T.A. Conversion
Starting from Maple T.A. 6 Service Pack 1, the LaTeX converter generates unique identifiers for the questions and inserts them into your LaTeX file and into generated QU file.

After successful conversion the converter will return the updated version of your LaTeX file together with the generated QU file. Please use this updated version for future modifications. This will allow you to update questions in Maple T.A. instead of overriding them.

Yes, I am using Maple T.A. 6 Service Pack 1 or later.

Step 1: Select your LaTeX file for upload to the server. Press the "Browse..." button to find the file on your computer.
Optionally, select a LaTeX style file to upload as well. The system will only process style files that have names of the form XXX.sty where XXX is 3 to 15 alphanumeric characters.
Step 2: Press the button below to submit your file for processing. Processing may take up to a minute.